Digitisation is taking up more and more space in our lives.
We at about360 want to make this space more sustainable by providing an all-round view toolbox.

about360 is a 360° digital agency and as operator of community platform we provide live streams via app as well as a live production content delivery network for creatives, thinkers and doers in the B2B and B2C sector.

Besides that we offer innovative technologies such as a user-oriented talent community for co-creation, product marketing and services in the areas of digitalisation and live communication, as well as interfaces for value communities and ecosystems, who are looking for collaborative solutions, portfolio management, content syndication, promotion and distribution for their live productions.

For this purpose, about360 provides also a community marketplace, as well as feature sets that promote the targeted exchange and sustainable development of social, culture-oriented and technology-driven income and relationship flows.

Previous projects:

Partner: Garbicz Festival
Vision: Heiko Seifert, OMA gGmbH, Bachstelzen
Mission: Stage-Management, Theatre of Co-Creation, Technik, sowie Realisation Bühne Amphitheater @ Lichtung 
Branche: Music, Festival

Jahr: 2019

For promotional purpose only!

Kunde: Naturpower.de
Leadagentur: about360
Auftrag: Komzeption und Realisierung eines Image Videos für den Standort
Energieautarke Versorgung / Nachhaltige Energien
Jahr: 2019

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des NEK – Netzwerk Energiekompetenz.

Kunde: PicturePuzzleMedien
Leadagentur: PicturePuzzleMedien
Auftrag: Spot Konzeption
Branche: Consumer Electronics
Jahr: 16/10/2017

In Zusammenarbeit mit PicturePuzzleMedien und Gigaset entstand diese Social Media Awareness Kampagne mit Daniela Katzenberger für den Gigaset Keeper.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie hier

Kooperationspartner: OMA gGmbH
Leadagentur: about360
Projekt: Live Jam Streaming
Branche: Music
Jahr: 2019

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Creative Commons Licence
Urheber: David Lemaitre & Philipp Thimm
Event: Impromptu Berlin
Leadagentur: about360
Mission: Event Management/ Live Improvisation
Branche: Event, Music, Co-Creation

Jahr: 2018

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